Vacation Style Essentials

Spring break is long gone, Coachella is a sweet memory, and Summer looms in the near distance. We’ve caught the wanderlust bug and now we can't stop daydreaming of where we’ll go next. The sun is heating the earth and warming the water, so we may just head West – across the desert, through the mountains and settle our feet in the sand.

There are a few travel essentials we bring to style our vacation with ease and beauty. First, we tuck sunscreen, healthy snacks and sunnies inside a cross body bag that travels comfortably with us everywhere. We never leave home without our favorite bikini so we can soak in a hot tub, jump through waves, and bask in the sun. A mala around our neck or wrapped around our wrist is a beautiful reminder to stay connected and mindful wherever our journey takes us. Versatile tanks are easy to pack and pair perfectly with every activity we love - yoga, running, stand up paddle board, and dancing at night. Finally, we grab a compact towel for our daily yoga practice, napping on the sand, and swaying in a hammock with a good book.

That's all we need for an escape. Bon voyage!

 Pack your bags and get out of town with these favorites:
Terry towel messenger bag from Rais Case
Botswana agate mala necklace by Mala and Mantra
Sand Esther Bikini by Vizcaya Swimwear
The Sun Free Flow Tank by Stelari
The Moon Yoga Mat Towel by Stelari

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