A dinner that digs deep into the soul

Femme Beat wants us to break bread, break through and bond


“Close your eyes, get quiet and set an intention for our talk tonight. I want you to make a commitment to be as open and vulnerable with your words and your listening ears. Allow your judging brain to sleep and a compassionate heart to open…”


This is how I started my talk at a recent Femme Beat social dinner -- with 16 women sitting around a beautifully decorated table, sipping craft cocktails and enjoying a delicious farm-to-table dinner under the stars. Femme Beat events elevate the senses and your state of mind. Jayd Lem, Femme Beat Founder, creates events for women where we are encouraged to connect with ourselves and other like-minded beings. Powered by a passion to remove fear from our thoughts and move women away from the sidelines of their own lives, Jayd’s events provide immense inspiration and the resources to grow and nurture your mind and soul.

When I was asked to be a speaker, the opportunity was not only an honor, but also a no-brainer. Stelari is rooted in the power of belief – acknowledging that our thoughts shape who we are and nourish or diminish our Self. So if there’s a chance to share my story and our mission with others, then I must. My hope is by sharing my own path, struggles and successes, others will see how truly powerful their own soul is. After all, the only thing that is ever keeping you from anything is YOU.


The essence of the Femme Beat events echoes to my core… it’s about connection. What is it about the beautiful context of conversing over a cooked meal that leads us to connect? What inspired Jayd? Her response to our questions is powerful and we are truly moved.


When did Femme Beat begin and what was the Ah-Ha moment that put you into action to create it

Femme Beat began late last year when I officially launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to test out the market. 

I wanted to see if there were other women looking to spark a connection within themselves and each other. Every event aspires to be a place where women can safely unfold the many complexities and parts of their heart so that they can allow themselves to be known, seen and just be. I've never been a fan of shallow conversations and surface living and so Femme Beat was stemmed from a personal craving for more connection and deeper living.


Why dinners

The dinner table acts as a unifier. It becomes a place of community that builds relationships. Sharing a meal with a complete stranger is a bit scary and unsettling at first, but quickly becomes exciting, nurturing and supportive. It's a great way to unplug from our phones and daily distractions to truly immerse ourselves in the present moment and with others. What we learn about others is quite often what we learn and find in ourselves - and that's a beautiful, sensory commonality to experience - to know we're not the only one.



How often do you host these dinner events and who do you hope comes

Femme Beat is constantly changing and evolving and so we try to host an inspiring social event once a month whether it's a dinner or a breakfast. As we grow and fine-tune our niche, we'd love to start hosting 6-week intensive programs in addition to our dinners that inspire women to take more risks so that they can live fulfilling and adventurous lives. 

Femme Beat tends to attract women who march to their own beat. They're insightful, open-hearted, and always willing to learn more about themselves and each other. 


What is the one habit you do that positively impacts your life

I practice daily self-care

The more comfortable I am in my own skin, the better listener, lover, provider, and supporter I am to others.

I meditate, journal, workout, read, burn candles, and take baths to nourish my soul on a weekly basis. I also uphold personal commitments such as taking one international trip a year whether it's with friends or solo. It's a promise I made myself 6 years ago and I haven't broken it yet. The truth is, I'm happiest when I'm exploring so why wouldn't I offer that to myself? That's my definition of self-care - to love yourself, the experiences and the opportunities you would love onto others. 


Femme Beat Social Dinner May 2016 with Stelari Yoga from Femme Beat on Vimeo.


Learn more about Femme Beat here.

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