Connecting to Your Creativity

by: Sarah Freeman

Some may say "I'm not creative" but I believe creativity lies deep in everyone's soul. We all manifest this beauty with our individual gifts, talents & passions.

I have a driving passion to create a home full of love, joy & compassion. Choosing to tap into this passion whole heartedly with the creativity I've been given has been so gratifying for my family and myself!


The greatest of these is Love

Mason Jars of Love

We have a mason jar labeled "Date Nights" filled with Popsicle sticks.  Friends, family and visitors are always welcome to write a suggestion down on the stick or to pull one out. Keep the love alive! Date nights can apply with an individual child, friend or significant other.


365 reasons

It's not to hard to find 365 reasons why I love my husband so I jotted them down and placed them in a jar for him to pull out an affirmation every day.  He actually reciprocated the gift!



Spreading joy the way wildflowers fill a field!

Sunflower Joy

We have a connection with a sunflower wholesaler. On Valentine's Day and other special days we get about 50 sunflowers and attach special notes to them.

The joy begins as we randomly place them on a person's car, mailbox, doorstep, or dropped in a yogi's shoe while they're taking a yoga class. The options are limitless!



The gift of giving gives back Compassion Bags


We love to grab some brown paper bags, construction paper, stickers and markers. We camp out at a favorite coffee shop and cut out colored hearts that are written out "Made With Love".  We write special little messages and take our time decorating the hearts.Then we gather some non perishable food items such as nuts, peanut butter crackers... A toothbrush & toothpaste, comb, & wipes! Stuff the brown paper bags, staple with the heart & leave in the car for when you see a needy person.




Choosing Gratitude

Gratitude is a word that often flutters around in my mind & heart like a monarch butterfly bouncing between wild flowers. Sometimes I find it hard to catch, feel and smell. One minute I am perched on a flower sucking the marrow out of thankfulness to its fullest capacity & within a moment I find myself gliding with no direction & filled with uncertainty.Can I still find gratitude in those moments where I'm soaring into the skies of the unknown? The tests of life have often brought up this question & I have uncovered the answer for myself.  Gratitude is a CHOICE and not a FEELING. I experienced this on a very personal level. Just a few weeks ago I naturally birthed my daughter into this world.  It was as complete & whole as I could have imagined. Gratitude filled my entire being & bliss covered every ounce of me.Twenty-four hours later my beautiful girl turned purple in my arms & was unresponsive. It was 4 days of uncertainty & many tears. In many waking hours I chose gratitude.  Gratitude for the beautiful 24 hours of skin to skin bonding we shared.  Gratitude for being in a place where she could receive medical attention and help. Gratitude for the massive support of family & friends. Gratitude for her strength & beauty. Four days later I received the news I could take my daughter home. Gratitude radiated like warm beams of sunshine from every ounce of my being. T he practice of gratitude is a giving gift that fills my heart so deep even in the toughest of times. How can you find a practical way to bring gratitude into your life & home?


Gratitude Tin

For the last 8 years in our home, we created a "Give Thanks" tin or gratitude tin. Each morning we all jot down a few words of what we are thankful for! Whether it's the sunset, a beach walk, a cup of coffee, a favorite teacher or a home run!  When my 13 year old twins were younger, they could also draw a small picture representing what they were thankful for!!! Make it a family filled or classroom affair! Decorate your gratitude container together! Be sure to date your notes... It's fun to look back over the years!


Sarah Freeman is a wife, mother,  yogini, and co-owner of Floating Yogis. Sarah infuses creativity and compassion in all aspects of her life, whether its teaching someone how to do their first yoga pose on the board and teaching her children simple acts of kindness. You can find Sarah on the waters of Carlsbad Lagoon in North County San Diego. To finf out more check out

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