In the Flow

Ever have those moments, days or years when everything just falls into place? What you think about just starts appearing. You score rock star parking spots, someone you’re thinking about calls, your vision board starts coming to life... You’re in the flow!

Flowing with life’s rhythm starts by finding your own rhythm, or authentic self. It's not always easy to find (or remember) your rhythm when life gets busy, technology distracts, and fear looms.

To help guide your path, we’ve listed a few quick tips we use to find our way:

Do what feels good. We don’t mean instant gratification. Rather, make decisions based on the person you want to become.

Quality time. Ask yourself throughout the day, “do I feel replenished or do I feel depleted.” Notice what actions and which people have you feeling replenished, and then spend more time doing those things with those people.

Check it off. Make a list of all the small things (errands, chores, shopping) that need to be done. Then do them. The subconscious mind holds onto those to-do lists. Complete the small tasks to allow more room for your big ideas.

Exercise more. Our bodies are built to move. Stagnant energy doesn’t feed the creative process. Get up and get going.

Sleep more. Our powerful brains need nourishing foods and solid doses of sleep to regenerate cells and creative thoughts. Listen to your body and give it proper care.

Finding your rhythm means taking care of your spirit and letting it shine. How you move to the rhythm may change over the years and that’s okay. Just keep dancing.

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