New Moon Rituals: How to Manifest What You Want in Life

by: Jordan Macbeth

 ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after the date 

New Moons are always about New Beginnings, a time of starting over, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!

When the New Moon comes it is time to take action steps toward your dreams and goals and whatever it is you want to manifest in your life!

 After the day of the New Moon the moon begins to wax. A waxing moon is growing and building in intensity and gaining momentum each step of the way until the point of the Full Moon. During a waxing moon you can use the building energy to gain your own momentum in life as you take the steps and put forth the energy to create exactly what you want in life!


1.  GIVE what you want to receive

One of the quickest ways to manifest is to give. What is it that you are wanting to receive and create? How can you give that to yourself and others? Sit down and make a list. It doesn’t matter how small the gesture. Think about how having what you want would FEEL. Then, find ways and experiences that will create that feeling for yourself and others.

2.  LISTEN to your intuition & Gut instincts

Be SO TUNED IN to your intuition that when the opportunity arises that will take you in the direction of your dreams, you don’t miss it! With the chronic “busyness” that plagues us, and our fast paced lives, it’s easy to be disconnected and miss our opportunities in the process. In order to see when your blessings have arrived, you HAVE to be open to receiving them. In order to receive them, you MUST be tuned in enough to listen and follow your gut instinct. MANY times people miss their chance simply because they didn’t see it staring them right in the face. Intuition is the subtle feeling, that soft voice, that feeling in your gut that says “HECK YEAH!” or “Hell no”. Tune in.

3.  Be a FORCE

Be yourself. No matter how whacky, weird, or out of the norm it seems, if it feels good to you, if it stirs your soul drop your guard. Be fearless! As yourself you are a FORCE to be reckoned with. The BEST way to create and manifest is by being you. Do what is unique to you and live in a way that is authentic to you. If you catch yourself falling into people pleasing, doing what others think you ‘should’, following the crowd because it seemed like the ‘right’ thing to do but internally your soul is SCREAMING “Nooo!”. STOP. Take a step back and get into YOUR zone. The more you vibe what is true to you, the more you will attract what you want. Stay in YOUR vibration and keep flowing and showing YOU, no matter what. Not only will you be creating what most resonates with your heart, you will avoid creating what is not in your heart and save much wasted time and energy.

4.  EXPAND your mind

Visualize. Sit down and breathe for a good 3minutes. Breaths in and out through your nose help to calm your nervous system and your mind. Deep, complete breaths until you feel relaxed. Then, close your eyes and begin to visualize what you are manifesting. SEE it in your mind’s eye as if it is already here. You have already received it. You are already feeling it and living it. Do this for 7minutes and don’t worry too much about the details, don’t overthink it. Focus on what you want to feel and how your manifestation would look.


Communication is KEY. Communicate to yourself in your mind, out loud, & on paper EXACTLY what you want. Write a story about it, journal it, tell it to a friend, make a list, Chant, write a song, paint a picture, shoot a video. Whatever form of communication suits you, just ANNOUNCE IT TO THE UNIVERSE! Communicate it clearly. In addition to the above visual you can use your voice. Sound is a POWERFUL tool. As you sit visualizing you can take deep inhales through your nose and as you exhale make the sound “Ahhhhh” with each breath out through your mouth. Continue this while visualizing for the whole 7mins.


Cooperate with the Universe. Noticing if something is pushing against your efforts. There is a time to let up and a time to move forward. With the New and Waxing moon, moving forward is supported. But, there are times and circumstances that show us different and if you waste your efforts trying to force something to happen you will not be in cooperation with the Cosmic Energy. Notice when resistance comes up and ask yourself where it is coming from and why? If you are creating resistance you can focus on letting it go by releasing it every time you exhale with a deep sigh. See what direction the Universe wants to take you and be open. The road is not always paved the way we think it should be. There are many avenues to our dreams. You might be asked to take a different route to your destination. Don’t resist just because you aren’t familiar with the path.


All this visualizing, meditating, breathing and so on is great, but it won’t get you anywhere if you don’t do the work! We live in a physical world. So, ask yourself “What do I need to do to take action towards my goals?” At least one step a day is moving you towards your dreams. Don’t discount the small stuff. Keep plugging away and learning what you need to do to make your manifestations come true. With vision, focus, intuition and action you WILL create the life you love. Just remember to keep enjoying yourself, do what you love, and have fun doing it. The more you stay in a vibration of joy and appreciation for what you DO have, the more the Universe wants to accommodate.

Only one last thing to do:

Open your arms and Receive! ;)


♥ J-Ma

 Jordan Denae Macbeth 

Stay informed on how to flow with the New & Full Moon energy each month

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© Written by J-Ma Jordan, Cosmic Consultant, Naam Yoga Therapist & Yoga Instructor


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