A Net or Wings

Guest Post by: Rebecca Kovacs

Following Dharma

My path has never been distinct, rather full of twists and turns and uncertainty; guided not by rational thinking but unyielding faith. Every time I leap I discover one of two things: a net or wings.

Blessed indeed I’ve been to study, travel and teach along side the beloved, honorable and exemplary yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra. Dharma means purpose, path, divine duty and Mittra is friend to all, so loosely translated, Dharma Mittra is a friend to all that will show you the way. This “way” of which I speak is a path within, guided by the breath to connect one with the Supreme Self and through that Self to Supreme Consciousness. The essence of Sri Dharma’s teachings will forever be that the Guru we are seeking is indwelling, and of course, to live compassionately.

The right way

Today there are many ideas in yoga, and life, about the “right” way to live and be, what to eat and how to align the body. I will suggest there is no one way to do anything, accept from Love. The “right” way is your way, a personal and artistic expression of the human spirit born with a specific purpose to fulfill while here, on Earth. Perhaps scientists would say our sole purpose is to procreate, but the yogi searches further for a sacred, noble and soul truth, to be Self Realized, and to live accordingly. This path of truth will be different for each and when we don’t force our truth onto anyone else we each become a supportive spoke in the wheel of reciprocity. It is in sharing our gift that we all receive plentifully.

So how do you discover your dharma? One clue.. are you happy? In following your dharma, your happiness will also support the collective well being.



Investigate and formulate a personal methodology that not only uplifts your spirit but challenges it. We know that most successful humans in the spiritual and material world did not become so without discipline. For many years I was strict in adhering to the yogic principles swinging far from the state of my being in my early twenties until realizing I am most authentic when maintaining the desirable middle between extremes. That doesn’t mean I retired my discipline I simply shifted it to reflect my most graceful, joyous self. Now it means I wake to a prayer of gratitude everyday. It means I choose lemon water and moringa as the first things I put in my porous body upon waking. It means that every day I sit and breathe, surrendering a portion of myself to something greater so that I too may be. It means that these moments, be it 3-62, accumulated over time and have changed the fluctuations of my mind. I spend as much time as I can in nature and reflect upon ways I can offer more kindness to myself, to other and the environment.

I draw, I read, I write, I dance, I laugh, I smile and play. I‘ve collected musical instruments and sing simply because it makes me happy.  Without attachment and expectation I’ve learned how to honor my self, my soul and my relationship to the Divine. I have stopped the self defeating language and replaced doubt and fear with faith and gratitude.  It also means I put down my phone, walk with bare feet in the sand, get my feet dirty, often,  and plant gardens. It means I light my nights by candle to preserve energy and breath deeper on the regular to tune my station to receptivity. Awareness is key and mindfulness comes from conscious breathing. Conscious breathing creates space to feel, see, think and respond clearly. The point is, you must discover what formula works for you in all realms.. physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual. You dharma may express itself through work or hobby. The most important thing is that you connect with your Self and learn to live and express freely. If there is one thing I know, it is that we are here to be happy. 

I often tell students that the practice is a parachute. Jump!


I know security is an illusion so I don't chase it. I know that as I surrender I simultaneously become co-creator. I know that in following my dharma I live free. I also know that challenges and obstacles will most certainly arise and that they are opportunities to bring the impossible to life. I know that I will take risks because I know I’d prefer to look back on memories instead of what if’s. I silence my mind and listen to the wisdom of my heart; open my eyes to signs, symbols and guides that communicate divine alignment to me and then I trust… My path has never been distinct, rather full of twists and turns and uncertainty; guided not by rational thinking but unyielding faith.  Every time I leap I discover one of two things: a net or wings. What that really means is that someone or something crosses my path to provide the resources, answers or the means that I need.


Take risks

I often invert on ledges to practice focus and faith. I would never put myself in real harms way but I like a good challenge to see how steady and calm I can keep my breath, to see how quickly my mind will turn to fear, doubt and negative thinking then watch as I apply the tools I have to overcome and succeed. In this way I am armed when life presents a similar opportunity. I also happen to love being upside down.

When teaching I can only offer my experience as a means for further exploration, perhaps inspiration for individuated expression of the same technique, pose or gesture. Of course there are Universal laws, principles of anatomy, physics and psychology but the translation of the previous applied will render unique and often opposing understandings. Sometimes to truly align with your dharma, you must be willing to live for more than just materials and money; to trust and honor the calling; to allow moments of vulnerability, sensitivity and unknowing and to think irrationally. Personally, I could put my life on paper and most may not pay me the time of day but if you listen to me and ask of my travels and experiences, one may be intrigued.



“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

follow your dharma … the way is within.


Rebecca currently lives in Topanga Canyon where she will begin Donation based Dharma classes in April. She teaches privately in Los Angels and New York and travels throughout the states and internationally teaching workshops and intensives. Her home away from home is Costa Rica where you can join her on retreat at least once a year. Please stay tuned for her website in development: followyourdharma.com and follow her on FB IG and twitter.

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