Tarot of the Bohemians

       We are enamored with vintage treasures, brilliant colors, and unique artwork that fuel our boho soul. So when we came across an old deck of Tarot cards, a creative fuse was sparked. We panned Pinterest , searched mystic shops, and discovered dozens of themed Tarot decks -  Medieval, Angel, New Century, Art Nouveau, Fantasy, and Chinese designs.  All are captivating and each card holds symbolic meaning.
We translated our version of the Tarot card designs into yoga tanks and towels, and that’s when the Tarot of the Bohemians Collection was born.  We love this series of symbolic Tarot artwork that turns the wearer into the fortuneteller.
        We invite you to take a seat with your inner gypsy and let her tell you what you already know:You are the yogi, the spirit seeker, the rhythm maker, the fortuneteller. You are the creator of your destiny. Each design in this yoga apparel collection symbolizes the truths we all have within.  Wear the yoga tanks  or practice on the yoga mat towels  to strengthen your intention for practice and for life


Moon - Reflection, subconscious, intuition
Nine of Wands - Courage, strength, resilience
Gypsy Soul - Spirit seeker, openness, connectedness
Sun - Joy, abundance, success
Tarot of the Bohemians - Truth, consciousness
Desert - Limitless, clarity
Sea - Fluid, transformation
Sunrise - New beginnings, awakening, awareness

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