Seekers Oasis in the Desert

I drove through the Mohave Desert early in the morning. As the sun was rising, the light swept over the sleepy monochromatic landscape and brushed yellow light on the plants, rocks and earth. I was on a journey to reconnect with the land. However, the crisp winter weather made my decision to book a room rather than pitch a tent rather easy.

Time and time again my gypsy soul doesn’t know what she’s seeking until she finds it. Once again, I found what I didn’t know I was looking for - at a motel tucked along the highway passing through Joshua Tree, California. I put my car in park and took a deep breath… I had arrived. 

I set my suitcase on the ground and took in every nook and cranny of my hotel room. It was as if my life and loves were presenting themselves to me. A gold rack held a dozen old record albums and I dropped to my knees to finger through the selection. I placed Fleetwood Mac on the old record player’s platter and let the crackled melody sweep the space. You see your gypsy… Lightning strikes,

Maybe once maybe twice, And it all comes down to you

An antique typewriter whispered to my writer’s block, you are ready to tell your story. Little Buddhas appeared many times - along the wall, on the patio – sweetly reminding me I am having a spiritual experience. I squealed when I saw the outdoor shower and porcelain bathtub on my patio – if only it was a hot summer day. Gauzy drapes blew in the breeze and I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 

I walked around the outside area and spent hours enjoying all of the small moments beautifully placed in this quaint desert oasis. In the center was a long family-style wood table held up by two old beer coolers, with mismatch patio chairs, and large white bulb string lights that laced the large canopy tree overhead. I sat by the reflection pool and noticed how it not only mirrored the sky, but also my sprit. I was at a hotel and felt more at one with nature and with myself than I had in months.

If felt like time had paused as I absorbed the vintage and earthy treasures on the grounds. I still needed to explore Joshua Tree National Park, yet I couldn’t wait to come back to the hotel and swing in the tree’s hanging chair.

I love the unexpected. I didn’t know where I was going, but I landed there. After all, not all who wander are lost. I never did unpack that suitcase. Then again, this bohemian girl never does.

Mohave Sands Motel is located in Joshua Tree, California.

Sara Snyder was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona but headed west toward the waves to become entrenched spiritually, physically, and professionally in the health and wellness industry. As a yogi traveling the world, Sara balances her analytical observations with open-minded exploration to delve into subjects that support healthy living. Back in Arizona, Sara embraces the desert.

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