Give your body a Spring refresh

With Spring in full swing and weather warming up, how does your body feel? It’s not a coincidence that we naturally follow Nature’s lead -- snow melts, temperatures rise, and bright flowers bloom. Are you feeling the need to clean, swap soup for salad, and shed heavy sweaters for light layers? You’re not alone. Spring motivates us to eat better and work out more. Perhaps it’s because bikini beach days are in the future or maybe it’s the day’s sunny disposition that gets us excited to get fit. 

With a renewed spirit and fresh perspective, now is the time to look at new ways to move your body. If you haven't already, try something new:


Aerial Yoga

This anti-gravity class takes your yoga off the ground using a special hammock or silk that acts like a swing to support your hips during back bends and forward folds. Because gravity is working in your favor, many poses are easier to access. The difficulty of your first class lies in trusting the silk when you take both feet off the ground. Your body will benefit from the enhanced full-body stretch you receive (especially the decompression of the spine). There is also an emotional bliss that results from the freedom of letting go in the air.



Just when you think every muscle in your body is strong, barre class will make you beg to differ. The minute movements in barre class make you shake and plead for mercy. Right when you want to quit, the elongating counter movements feel amazing and let the muscles reset. This workout will tone you up and is a must-try to get Summer-ready.


Fitness Challenge

If you’re looking to make good health your lifetime habit try a fitness challenge. Challenges are usually set for three weeks (probably because it takes 21 days to form a habit). There are tons of challenges out there - at your yoga studio, spin studio and even on social media. One Challenge we love is the Spring Soul Challenge with our friends Erin Salvetti (aka @livinglately) and Jesse Eve (aka @jesse_eve_pilates_and_yoga). These fitness babes are both moms AND yoga, Pilates and barre instructors. Their virtual challenge sends participants videos, recipes and inspirations to their inbox. They wear their Free Flow Yoga Tanks in this Yoga Flow and Full-Body Toning video.


With more of hours of light each day, how will you be getting fit this season?

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