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Yoga Revealed Podcast is proud to share with you, MaryClare Sweet! 

Namaste, my fellow Wisdom Seekers! This is Alec Vishal Rouben and I am pleased to be connect you to Yoga Revealed - a podcast with a mission to empower positive awareness by revealing the awakening energy of Yoga.

We have the high blessing to introduce MaryClare Sweet, founder of the Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska! I first met MC Sweet last year when I picked her up at the airport for the Hanuman Festival, as she has been apart of the teacher lineup the past few years. Immediately when meeting her, MC offers razor sharp attention and interest in your personal evolution, emotions, situations and present moment. She is fearless in sharing her HEART! This is clearly obvious on this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast.

We talk about the magical life she lived as a young child, which led her to finding her yoga practice and teaching yoga with a pure heart, wild imagination, and endless amounts of sparkle-inspired compassion! 


Mary Clare and I dive also deep into discussion surrounding the myth that surrounds the ancient texts of yoga. If you have attempted to read through the Sutras, Upanishads, The Gita, or other yogic texts and felt like it did not make sense, listen in on this conversation. We demystify the texts and talk about the value of their existence. We reveal why these potent texts have stuck around for generations and why they are crucial for yoga teachers AND students to learn from! MC has a beautiful gift to make any 'heady' teaching accessible and relatable for the householder of the West! 

MC reveals the big key tips on how to build a community. She is wildly successful as she has opened several Lotus House of Yoga Studios around Omaha. Tap into this interview if you run a business in Yoga, or if you feel intimidated by numbers or the business of Yoga. Take it from MC, you can do this! She has the heart of an angel, yet the mind of the business woman! How Does she do it? Tune in and find out! 


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