10 ways to keep the glow after your yoga flow

You know what it's like - that rejuvenated feeling at the end of yoga class. Then BAM! you walk out in a world of funky smells, loud noises, and unpleasant people who clearly aren’t sharing your yoga zen. So what do you do? Don’t waste the previous hour of your vinyasa yoga flow by being sucked back into the chaos. Keep sipping from the cup that yoga filled up.


Keep your internal and external yoga glow with these 10 post-yoga tips: 

  1. Hang out in savasana a littler longer. Savasana may be the most challenging of all the poses because when class ends our monkey mind starts thinking about all the things we must do. Try staying motionless until the last student leaves.
  2. Drink water. Whether you’re thirty or not, drink water. You just wringed your body of toxins and now it’s important to flush them out.
  3. Hydrate your skin. Spritz a little rose water on your face to balance your pH. Refreshing your face will cool you off and keep your skin healthy.
  4. Rise with intention. Before you fold up your yoga mat towel and roll up your mat, think about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Then set an intention for the remainder of the day.
  5. Wear the right yoga wear. Sitting in wet clothes doesn’t feel good. Be sure to wear a moisture-wicking yoga tank that dries fast.
  6. Pack a post-class toiletry bag with these essentials: face wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo, rose water, SPF moisturizer, and lipgloss.
  7. Nourish yourself. Grab a cold-pressed juice, a kale salad, fruit and trail mix – something that is nutrient-rich and refreshing.
  8. After flow clothes. With a moisture-wicking yoga tank on, you don’t need to change out of your clothes right away. Instead, throw a kimono over and head to the nearest juice shop. Or slip on a fun muscle tee over your sports bra and get after your day. Both athleisure looks are comfortable and super stylish.
  9. Smile… a lot. Yoga feels so good so show it. Exude the yoga bliss you feel by shining a smile for all to see.
  10. Embrace all of yoga. Yoga is far more than the poses you do on your yoga mat. Keep yoga flowing in your soul by reading a yoga book or serving others.


Practice these tips and you’ll notice that your yoga glow will last far past your yoga class and soon be a look that lasts.

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May 11, 2016

Major thanks for the article.Really thank you! Cool. Cosgrove

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