Embrace the Aries: 5 things to do right now

by Allie Couch, founder Cosmomuse

Hello my bohemian Stelari friends. I’m back with a little advice on how to get the best out of Aries Season with 5 to-do’s. During this season, when the Sun is travelling through our first sign of the zodiac, the focus is on initiations, yourself, your agenda and the warrior spirit in all of us. It’s a great time to hone in on some self-love while also being aware of our assertive natures - which can bring tempers to the surface as Mars, the planet of war, becomes the ruler of the constellations.


Yoga Pose: Exalted Warrior

(Yogi Brooke Musat)

With Aries Season being the one where you are given permission to fight for your needs and wants, it’s a great time to develop better inner and outer willpower. Any warrior pose will help you channel the Ram's physical and emotional strength, as well as bring you the mental focus needed to be the torch bearer in your own brave missions as you forge new paths in your life. Exalted Warrior in particular brings a sense of openness and fierceness that will boost your take-charge prowess.


Drink This: Sparkling Mineral Water with a hit of Lime

Image: Peter Chudleigh

The sign of Aries rules the head, face and brain. With your focus, long-term and short-term memories falling here, the best thing you can do is keep hydrated with lots of water. Aries Season brings the element of fire and passion into focus so add some excitement by mixing it up with sparkling water and a hit of lime to aid in absorbtion.


Eat This: Fresh Whole Veggies

Image: Peter Chudleigh

You want to stay very fueled but also light during this uber energetic season. Many small meals of whole foods and lots of veggies, throughout the day, is a sure way to amp up your energy while avoiding any signs of food coma. With Aries planetary ruler Mars activating our adrenal glands, be sure to eat heavier in the morning and afternoon, and give it a rest come nightfall.


Focus On This: Originality in creativity


Image: Maria Corona

Aries Season is urging you to be a pioneer and boldly step into uncharted territory. This is your time to push forward with that wacky idea you’ve been sitting on. Things initiated during this season often bring us the best in fresh trends and forward thinking. Creativity is at a high, so experiment and see what sticks.


Do This Mantra: I Am Positive

Image: Maria Corona

Since the vibration in our constellations has everyone focusing on their own passions, tempers can arise and childish behavior can surface. As you bravely step into this season of personal fulfilment, keep in mind that you will most likely butt heads with agendas and paths differing from your own. That’s okay, don’t let this fire-y time get your boiling point up. Repeat to yourself ‘I Am Positive’ anytime you feel temperatures rising, bringing the appropriate mindset to avoid tantrums and more gracefully take a step back from situations that are at odds to your current warrior path. This will allow you to channel all of that beautiful, bold Aries energy toward what’s right for you rather than wasting it on battles of will.

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