What inspires an astrologist's life

A look at the life through the  Cosmos

by  Allie Couch, founder of Cosmo Muse

As a lifetime seeker and longtime astrologer, it’s very fitting that I’m writing this while sitting in a riad in Morocco, a place where I’m feeling something come full circle -- hints of a past life, giving me clues to a history that might have shaped who I was born to be in this life... I’m ahead of myself.

Let me rewind to my childhood and youth to start my story of how I got to where I am now and how Cosmo Muse, my astrology site and exploration of living seasonally with the designs in the cosmos, came to be.

Early on I was exposed to foreign cultures and living, with a father whose career took my family to Switzerland for a year when I was three and to Germany during my kindergarten thru second grade years. Growing up in a religious family and community, with my father being a convert and my mother being raised religious, it really shakes up your world to be exposed to dramatically different ideas, ideals and cultures during your formative years. It’s this and having extended family with polarized beliefs that embedded me at an early age with a spirit of seeking: 

Who’s right; is one culture or religion more accurate in their ideals than the others?

It didn’t take long for me to form my own opinion that it’s more about letting go of dogmatic beliefs that alleviates this fear of the path you are on in relation to the path that other people are on, and more about arriving to places of enlightenment, compassion and being the best version of you—regardless of your chosen path.

For me, that path arrived through astrology. It was my first year of college when I was introduced to this subject as being more than your Sun sign, and it blew my mind into directions I’d never imagined. Call it fate or synchronicity, but within a month I had made two friends whose mothers' were astrologers. One read my birth chart and was so accurate about my personality and other aspects coloring my life that I was speechless with wonder for the rest of the day. The other told me about very specific circumstances and dates for big moments in my life that she couldn’t have known about. Within a month I had probably engulfed three astrology 101 books and purchased a charting software program—and haven’t stopped since.

I spent my early college years as a ski bum and seeking, in slightly reckless ways as many do at the ages of nineteen and twenty, but I finally had the realization that I had no future as a skier, as much as I enjoyed playing in the mountains. Nothing at school was sticking either. More seeking, and I discovered that Fashion Design was an actual degree, just not at my current university. My mind was made up and off to LA I went. This was a huge turning point in my life and for the first time I was in love with school and working around the clock to be the best I could be. I kept tinkering with astrology -- it was always in the background, and LA gave me the comfort that this was an interesting subject to a lot of people, something I did’t feel in Salt Lake.

The freedom of being able to reinvent yourself with a new city, new friends and more diversity might be the best thing a young person can have. I went on to graduate and work for a few start-up boutique clothing lines and then for Patagonia, but once again, I hit a wall with a realization that I was not a 9 to 5 tied-to-a-desk kind of person. I loved a lot about this path but something was missing and freedom called. I found myself back with my parents in Salt Lake, a little lost on the career front. After a few stints doing this and that, my Mom basically forced me to be her understudy and assist her with event design and production (something I vowed never to go into having had to help on a few events when I was younger). To my surprise, I LOVED it and was pretty natural at it. My mom’s scheme of finding a replacement so she cold retire worked perfectly, and off I was gaining confidence in running major events, working very well with clients and leading multiple crews of to fulfill each event's needs. It seemed a great fit and it was just what I needed. But after several years, the non-stop hours and physically demanding work got the better of me and everything else in my path was going by the wayside.

It was right around this time, about a year and half ago, that I had made some really amazing friends through the event industry. Women that were passionate about their careers and finding their own balance of how to do it all. These are the people that brought my astrological side to the surface, and doing readings for them, which led to a few blog features was the boost I needed to realize that this was the one constant in my life, and that I now had the know-how and confidence to go out on my own and try to make a life doing what I really love. This is how Cosmo Muse was born and now I can’t imagine doing anything else with as much passion and dedication as I’ve put into this brand, blog and artistic adventure.

I’ve met more amazing souls through this path than ever before and the growth it’s inspired in me is humbling. What I love most are the experiences I’ve had in helping others through my astrological knowledge and insights. It’s been an invaluable lesson to learn, that by empowering others you empower and heal yourself in the process—making me feel a strong connection to Stelari’s Agate yoga tank: earthy, nourishing and healing.

Cosmo Muse has been up and running for seven months and we’ve barley scratched the surface of plans and collaborations in the works. I can’t wait to see where we are in another seven months as it’s been a ride of a lifetime so far. I mean, I’m traveling Morocco writing about what astrology, and in general, experiencing the mystical on a daily basis.



Photography: Britt Chudleigh 

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