How to wear the look of love

Love from the inside out

There's an age-old lesson that teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. This is a fair rule - except when someone is wearing Love. When Love resides deep inside, your glow is so radiant it's noticeable on the outside. We're not talking the "in love" type of romantic love. Rather, we mean the "true bliss" sort of Love that comes from nurturing the spirit.


3 ways true bliss presents itself on the inside:

  • You know everything is okay just as it is (a sort of realistic optimism)
  • You do not judge others
  • You feel free

3 ways true bliss appears on the outside:

  • You smile a lot (and for no reason)
  • You have a youthful glow (it's been proven that smiling takes off several years)
  • You look comfortable in your own skin (no matter what you're wearing)


The tank that speaks the language of love

Love starts from inside your soul and shows itself in the physical body. With Stelari's prints with purpose tank tops, what you wear can strengthen your look of Love. For example, the Love Letters free flow yoga tank is stitched with intention and patterned with layers of love notes and florals as a symbolic reminder that your love is meant to be shared, not tucked away. 

We've created 3 looks for the Love Letters yoga tank that styles your bliss from inside the yoga studio to outside into the world.


Look #1 - Yoga class

Pair the Love Letters yoga tank with your comfiest leggings and layer with a powerful mala or energetic stone bracelet (like this one by Melis). Unroll your yoga mat towel and use a yoga bolster to gently open your heart and unlock your 4th chakra. While flowing through your heart-opening yoga poses, try using a Love Letters mantra to support your intention: "I am Love"





Look #2 - Boho street style

It's easy to transition the Stelari eco-friendly tanks from studio to street. Keep your leggings on and simply layer over with a top and add your favorite jewelry. You'll be stepping out of the studio with a smile and energy beaming from your heart. Keep your after flow yoga glow by keeping this mantra in mind: "How can I be of service"


Look #3 - Hippy chic 

Music unites people from all walks of life. Festivals, like Coachella, bring music lovers and free spirits together for a weekend of fun, dancing and memories. If you're headed to a summer festival, you can express your Love with a hippy chic look wearing the Love Letters eco-friendly yoga tank. While dancing from dawn to dusk, your Love can unite with others with this beautiful intention: "I flow from a place of grace"


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