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There is no shortage of inspiration in the Universe and that is where Founder Kim Roach receives her ideas for Stelari’s Prints with Purpose. Each collection of original engineered artwork is connected to a deeper meaning - an intention meant to empower.

The Love Letters Collection isn’t painted red or riddled with hearts as you might associate with the word ‘love’. Instead the graphics are enigmatic and rich, like the real thing. In a tech savvy world where our thumbs get a heavy workout texting, we turn our vision to the long lost art of affection – writing a love letter. Turn off the glowing screen and take pen to paper. It’s about being romantic and less self-conscious. Baring the soul without hitting delete.


3 important love letters you need to write 

  1. Write a letter to Family and Friends. Whether you talk to them everyday or hardly at all, the unexpected arrival of a love letter lets them know they were on your mind.
  2. Write a letter to Yourself. When was the last time you said ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ to yourself? Just as much as those words mean to others, it’s important to be good to your own soul. Write it out and keep it close as a reminder of the love you give yourself. 
  3. Write a letter to a Stranger or Acquaintance. You may not know this person well, but your interaction with them positively shifts you. Tell them their smile is beautiful, their energy is magnetic, their work or leadership is making a difference. Imagine the surprise and gift you will be giving them.


What each print represents

Stelari’s Love Letter Collection explores the timeless beauty of this handwritten art and the way love transforms. Wear the Free Flow Tanks to move your body. And pick your print to help you set an intention that is meaningful to your practice of Life and Yoga. 


Love Letters. Words can be powerful tools or hurtful weapons. Wear this print as a reminder to use your words wisely – use them for love – toward others and your own soul.


It’s Complicated. Loving is easy, it’s the ego that can complicate it. Wear this print as a reminder to love like it’s an adventure – explore and discover with no expectations.


No Boundaries. Don’t let fear dim the light in your soul. Love conquers all and it’s the only way to Peace. Wear this print as a reminder that Love is limitless.


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