How to stay in perfect balance

We are all looking find it. Sometimes we think we’re doing it. But what does it really mean to be in true balance

As we progress through life, naturally more is added to our plate – responsibilities, relationships, kids, etc. Often, our answer to adding more, is removing more. So we end up living life through a series of pluses and minuses. Do this, don’t do that.

What if the best way to stay in balance is to actually do more.

During any balancing pose in yoga, we are taught that before we extend ourselves we must first find stability. Root down before you rise up. If we take that principle through life – do more of this before you do that - then we might just find the secret formula to living in perfect balance.


Find perfect balance by doing MORE in 2 key areas of life: 


Two little letters hold the power to your health. Your pH, or potential of hydrogen, is the balance between acidity and alkalinity in your body. 

The level of pH is quantified on a scale of zero to 14. The lower the pH, the more acidic, and the higher, the more alkaline. Well and Good interviewed a few health experts to get the skinny on alkalinity. Jeannette Graf, M.D., author of Stop Aging, Start Living says, “When you are in an alkaline state, you’re so healthy that normal cells will thrive and disease will not.” Processed foods, soda, meat, coffee, alcohol, stress, anger, lack of sleep and other unhealthy intakes, cause a lower pH (more acidity) and thus creates an environment for disease and sickness.

Stay in better body balance by adding MORE alkalizing foods (like organic vegetables and fruits) to your day and start your morning with warm lemon water.



A cluttered life is a cluttered mind. As you do more and more, life can feel like it’s spinning out of control and completely out of balance. Alleviate mental exhaustion and unnecessary stress by making sure you do the following:

  • Get MORE sleep
  • Drink MORE water
  • Prioritize MORE by making a list of your top 3 must-dos
  • Be MORE grateful
  • Take MORE deep breaths
  • Laugh MORE

Stay in better mind balance by giving your mind (and spirit) a little more R&R as you go go go.

In the end, balance isn't about staying in one sweet spot, but rather managing the to's and fro's on the life's pendulum by finding stability with MORE healthy tools.  

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