Winter-inspired bohemian style tips

Between the vivid colors of Fall and Spring lies the monochromatic season of Winter. The brisk weather leaves branches bare and the earth covered in white. While Mother Nature is sleeping, don't let your style hibernate. 

From home to personal fashion, we crave texture, patterns and a feeling of warmth in the winter. Have fun hunkering down with our bohemian winter style tips:

  1. Feel the textures. For example, mix and match fur with metals - soft and furry vs sleek and shiny.
  2. Bring in seasonal and natural aromas like sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon. Fill the air with aromatic essential oils and herbal tea.
  3. Let neutrals rule and color pop. Mirror nature's palette with neutral tones but spice it up with a bold lip color, scarf or throw pillow.
  4. In with new AND the old. Combine new buys with vintage finds for one of a kind style. 
  5. Play with patterns. Take on the lines, swirls, angles and beautiful shapes Winter presents.  

The best part about bohemian style is there isn't a right or wrong way to be you. Let it feel good. 

Winter-inspired bohemian mood board


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