Secrets to health and success with Kelly Snailum

Kelly Snailum is a runner, Pilates instructor, studio owner, mom, wife, dog lover, health fanatic, and writer. Her wellness philosophy comes from a balanced perspective of flow and focus. Kelly is the owner of Remedy Pilates and Massage in Scottsdale, Arizona. We caught up with Kelly for a Q&A to see how she finds her rhythm - from daily routines to her health secrets. Read on.



What is the first thing you do when you wake up

I am an early riser. I hit snooze once between 4:35 and 4:45, pet my puppies for a few minutes, roll out of bed and put my running shoes on. I like to get my cardio in before my house is up. After I run, I still have an hour to check my email, have a cup of coffee and relax before it’s GO time.


How would you describe your personal style

I would say I am somewhat of a chameleon. My uniform is workout gear so I try to add some personal style to leggings and tank tops. I love to layer (even in the summer) and try to mix up brands. Some days I am feeling Sporty Spice with high top Vans and other days I feel Boho Comfy in flip flops or Uggs. I have a few clients who ask “who are you today?” because they never know what look I will walk in with. Outside of workout garb, I would describe my style as a bit bohemian. The right jeans and t-shirt can make my day. I like lifestyle brands and clothes that are flirty but free. Usually anything that is NOT TIGHT. I get enough of that all day.


Where is your favorite place to go to connect with nature and why

I am a runner, so there’s that. There is something about stepping outside and just moving your feet. Training for marathons has allowed me to cover just about every square block of Phoenix on my feet. More recently, I have added a few weekly hikes to the mix. Hiking in Arizona is by far the best way to appreciate where we live. When you stand on top of a mountain there are few things that cloud your perspective. The world is yours.


What activity stirs your creativity most

To be perfectly honest, I have very creative friends. I don’t know how I have managed it but I am surrounded by creative professionals – in design, fitness and clothing. A conversation with any one of these amazing people will take an idea to a whole new level. As far as what “I” do, I would have to say Pilates. Although the classical approach to Pilates is very systematic, the style I teach encourages creativity. Fundamentally, Pilates is in everything. Applying new ways to approach a muscle group, to advance a client, to work around an issue makes Pilates as much a brain sport as a workout. A great Instructor can see past the workbook and into the client needs and goals. Just writing about it gets me excited to teach!


What makes you feel the most connected with people

Life experience. The older I get, the more experience I have. It’s just how it works. The more I relate to others who have shared the same or similar experiences or can offer advice to those going through things I have already conquered, the more connected I feel to them. I sincerely believe I am doing exactly what I was set out to do. My own insecurities, my desires and my accomplishments are all based on the experiences my life has provided. Sharing is caring.


How do you stay healthy

I truly believe healthy can be defined in many ways. I used to think it was based on your body fat percentage – but now I know it’s more about how you feel. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love to workout. All kinds. I love Pilates, barre, TRX, yoga, boxing, running, hiking and spin. But – healthy is more than just working out. I recently became a Pescatarian with my 10 year old son (by his request) and my family of 4 focuses on clean eating Monday – Friday. On the weekend we treat ourselves for our hard work and don’t stress too much about our diet. With two kids in competitive sports during the week, we have to get creative with our meals but also ensure we are all getting enough nutrients to support our active lifestyles. Trader Joe’s helps me with convenience but you have to pay attention to the details. Shopping the perimeter of any grocery store is another rule I try to follow (excluding the coffee isle).


What does success mean to you

Success for me is about feeling good about what you do. If at the end of the day I can look back and say to myself, “I did some good today” it makes me want to do it more. If someone was pushed to their limit, challenged, or stronger than they were yesterday, mentally or physically, because of something I got to be a part of – I’m good, I’m successful.


What is the last thing you do before you go to bed

Hmmm, I hate to admit it but I usually check Instagram and 'like' a bunch of things or swipe through Pinterest for some new fitness ideas or projects I plan to take on. I spend some time petting my two dogs that take up most of my personal bed space, set my alarm and smooch my hubby before I drift off into dreamland. Not always in this exact order.


What is your must-have Stelari item

That’s a no-brainer – ALL MESHED OUT in Snow! Love, love, love.


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